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History of the Hotel

This building dates back to the early nineteenth century.
The 1st inhabitant was Charles Druwé (Commercial Court). Those sold the building through to Prosper Van  ginderdeuren  who had a factory in the street. A shelter was found In the garden, possibly from German officers. When the building was empty, there was a national boarding school for boys. And eventually it became this hotel. As a result, many  original details were preserved from that era and many of the authentic elements remain in our hotel. A wonderful example of this is our entrance hall.

Another feature of the time is our lounge which is still completely preserved with the unique Baroque style. The entrance is well recognizable with its 2 lions doorknobs and the beautiful sculptures inside it.

Throughout its glorious history, the hotel received 3 stars  for  our good service and hospitality. We also have our regular customers who are sure to enjoy our hotel. For the newcomers, we hope that they find it pleasant here and want  to come back to this little gem.

Station Hotel Aalst